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The super observatory of the Bay of Biscay

EBEGI is a super observatory located in the southeast of the Bay of Biscay, which allows integrated and multidisciplinary observation of the marine environment and its ecosystem. It also contemplates technological innovation and experimentation tasks to identify and test cutting-edge ocean observation methodologies, including autonomous vehicles, which will increase the key information for the development of policies and directives on the conservation and recovery of biodiversity and marine habitats, as well as the challenges associated with climate and global change.

New online platform

As the first tool of this super observatory, AZTI has developed a new online technological application whose objective is to make visible, on a single platform, all the key information for the actors involved in the management of the marine environment relating to the oceanographic campaigns carried out and existing measurement systems in the area.

This online application is also essential for identifying needs for additional measures and opportunities for integration, enabling integrated and multidisciplinary observation of the marine environment and its ecosystem.

With a simple click, the user obtains information on the locations and periods in which data on sea level, temperature, water pH, waves, and other biological variables that exist in the area of interest without having to consult different sources, simplifying and speeding up the first step towards the collection of the data necessary for informed decision-making.

Who can use ebegi?

Public administration

Scientific community

Fishing sector and industry

at large

Thanks to the creation of this tool, public administrations, the scientific and research community, fishing and industrial stakeholders and society in general have an inventory in the cloud of the type of information available, both historical and updated in real time.

Extensive experience in observation activities

The AZTI technology centre has been playing a key role in observing the Bay of Biscay, the coastal area of the Basque Country and the marine ecosystem for years. The new digital tool and the information it contains is the result of the data collected by AZTI over decades of oceanographic campaigns and observation activities. On the other hand, EBEGI capitalises on the efforts and work led by AZTI in recent years through initiatives such as the EuskOOS Coastal Operational Oceanography System, the Climate Change Observatory, the Network for the Evaluation of the Ecological Quality of Transitional and Coastal Waters and the Multidisciplinary Ecosystem Campaigns.


Integrated coastal observation strategy

EBEGI is aligned with the lines of work of various European and international projects and initiatives that seek to promote integrated coastal observation strategies such as: the European coastal research infrastructure JERICO-RI; the European ocean observation organisation EuroGOOS, the Eurosea ocean observation and forecasting data collection project, and the Copernicus Coastal Services provision.